Pomsky Owners Association (POA) (EN)

The Pomsky Owners Association is one of the leading authorities for Pomsky breeding. The POA provides accurate and reliable information, facts and advice about the Pomsky breed and collects experience from Pomsky breeders and Pomsky owners. The Pomsky Owners Association provides first-hand information about Pomsky breeding.

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The Pomsky Owners Association (POA) consists of over 50 renowned Pomsky breeders and supports them on their way to becoming the best Pomsky breeders. In addition, Pomsky owners and Pomsky shoppers are provided with the necessary knowledge. New ideas and projects of the members for further education and knowledge acquisition are taken over by the association and expanded to help the community.

Motivation of the POA

Pomskies quickly become one of the most popular dog breeds. Unfortunately, this hype also offers black sheep the chance to quickly skim off. The breeding of the F1 with a dwarf tip as mother animal and the prevention of swindlers should be done by open communication. The POA wants to help Pomsky owners, lovers and buyers sort out the wide range of fake websites and fraudulent breeders by providing accurate information and reputable breeders. The mission of the Pomsky Owners Association is also to find fake Pomsky websites and Pomsky fraudsters. In return, it creates a community of real Pomsky owners and breeders where all Pomsky lovers can come together to exchange information.

The Pomsky Owners Association praises its members as the “best of the best”. The members are obliged to adhere to a strict code of conduct, which ensures that each member

  • is anxious to improve Pomsky breeding
  • acts truthfully in dealings with consumers
  • ethical sales tactics are practised and
  • the progress of Pomsky breeding above everything else.

According to the POA, members of the Pomsky Owners Association belong to an elite group of renowned Pomsky breeders and certify the best in the industry.

Goal of the POA

The goal of the Pomsky Owners Association is to eliminate fraudsters in the world of Pomsky. To this end, they are creating an open platform for real Pomsky owners and breeders, where all Pomsky lovers can come together to exchange accurate information. They strive to collect and publish as much information as possible in order to

  • swindlers
  • bogus websites
  • fake photos and
  • defamatory opinions

to sort them out.

“Our vision is a continuous and sustainable growth of the Pomsky breed. This starts with education, consumer education and the new Pomsky breeders. The Pomsky breed quickly becomes one of the most popular dog breeds, which is both exciting and dangerous, because with the popularity come unethical breeders and fraudsters. Our goal is to expand our base of reputable breeders to the point where ethical breeding and sales become the norm. It must be less about selling and more about educating owners, breeding a healthy dog and finding the perfect home for every Pomsky. We will continue to work every day until this future becomes a reality.”

POA member – Does it help?

It’s hard to find a perfect and serious Pomsky breeder. Unfortunately, dog breeding in all breeds is littered with fraudsters and immoral breeders. Mass breeding or torment breeding is not uncommon. The POS wants to uncover fraudsters, sort out inaccurate Pomsky information and promote good breeders.

Anyone looking for a Pomsky should have the opportunity to find the perfect breeder. The breeders of the POA therefore go through a complex screening process to ensure that only the best of the best are accepted. In addition, they are actively encouraged and regularly monitored after admission,

Contact the POA

More information about POA can be found on the website of the Pomsky Owners Association.