IPRC Foundation

The IPRC Foundation is an association of volunteers based in the Netherlands. The IPRC Foundation is committed to breeding dogs for the welfare of the dogs. Compliance with legal regulations plays a subordinate role in this. The health of the dog is important to the association, regardless of the rules and regulations.

At the IPRC Foundation international breeders of Pomskies, as well as owners and lovers are represented. The health of the Pomskies is the first priority. The IPRC consists of a team of enthusiastic volunteers with a heart for animals and people and great Pomsky enthusiasts who are committed to the establishment of Pomsky breeds and the needs of Pomsky owners. IPRC stands for “International Pedigree Registration Certificate”.


Goals of the IPRC Foundation

You can find the most beautiful pictures of cute pomsky puppies in our gallery.

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Motivation of the IPRC

The main objective of the IPRC is an animal-friendly society in which humans and animals live in harmony. Pets should be treated with respect and as independent beings with feelings and awareness. The self-esteem of a pet is of paramount importance, regardless of its utility value to humans.

The central idea of the IPRC is therefore “pet, man and society”. The foundation is developing into an organisation in which all attention, energy and resources are focused on improving animal welfare. An organisation in which decisive and reliable people work and which builds on the learning ability of people and the organisation as a whole.


IPRC Goals

The aim of the IPRC Foundation is to optimise the breeding of dogs in such a way that the life expectancy of a puppy is significantly improved. In order to underpin this, they are building up an extensive breeding database. All breeding combinations are included in this database, regardless of whether a breeding permit has been issued by recognised breeding associations.

Since the IPRC’s goal is the health and species-appropriate reproduction of the dog, it also includes hybrids such as the Pomsky in the database. A recognized breeding approval of the FCI is therefore not necessary for a restriction at the IPRC. The only aim is to control the degree of inbreeding and to avoid burning by selecting the parents. The IPRC Foundation refers to genetic tests of the parent animals in which hereditary diseases typical of the breed are detected and thus avoided in further breeding. In combination with DNA tests, the creation of an extensive database is the only way to stop the further deterioration of the health of pedigree dogs.


Crossbreeding of foreign breeds

Furthermore, the IPRC supports the responsible mixing of foreign blood (outcross with a comparable breed) as a method to strengthen the health of a dog breed without losing its typical characteristics. Centralizing pedigree registration is an absolute necessity. The IPRC Foundation is supported by a number of veterinarians, geneticists and breeding specialists.

Support for breeders

You can find the most beautiful pictures of cute pomsky puppies in our gallery.

>> Show the Pomsky puppies gallery <<

Furthermore, the IPRC Foundation provides prospective breeders with information on the optimal care of the female dog and the litter in the form of

  • food
  • hygiene
  • medical care
  • living space
  • Time and
  • Attention.

Contact the IRPC Foundation

More information can be found on their Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/hondenstamboom/ or on the IPRC website.