The Pomsky: Associations and clubs

In which club is the Pomsky recognized?

In Europe, the Pomsky has not yet been recognized as an official dog breed by any association. Because the Pomeranian Husky is a hybrid breed, this recognition will probably be a long time coming.
For the Pomsky however an international association was created, which developed a breed standard for the Pomsky and strives for a realization of these goals.

Also in the USA a group of Pomsky breeders and lovers has formed. This association, the Pomsky Owner Association (POA) is committed to the maintenance of the Pomsky standard and actively takes action against black breeders and so-called multipliers of Pomskies.

Pomsky Owners Association (POA)

The Pomsky Owners Association (POA) is based in Toronto and is one of the leading authorities for Pomsky dog breeding. The Pomsky Owners Association consists of more than 50 renowned Pomsky breeders and offers breeders and lovers of Pomskies a serious source of information about Pomsky.

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You can find the most beautiful pictures of cute pomsky puppies in our gallery.

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IPRC Foundation

The IPRC Foundation is an association of volunteers based in the Netherlands. The IPRC Foundation is committed to the enforcement of all commercial breeders at home and abroad, regardless of whether they breed according to legal regulations and in the interest of animal welfare. The main objective is the health of the dog, regardless of regulations.

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International Pomsky Association (IPA)

The International Pomsky Association was founded in 2014 with the aim of standardizing a small companion top breed with the characteristics of a Husky over several generations by crossing Pommeranian and Husky. Additional breeds can be added according to IPA (with disclosure) to stabilize the breed.
The IPA exists primarily as a documentation centre and association for lovers of the Pomsky.
The International Pomsky Association has defined a breed standard for the Pomsky, which describes the “Real Pomsky”. This standard of physical and character traits is the goal and mission of the IPA.

Pomsky Club of America (PCA)

The Pomsky Club of America is a Pomsky breeders’ association based in the USA. It was founded in the awareness that the Pomsky, as a popular fashion dog, would attract many breeders who would prefer money to the welfare of their dogs. One of the founding reasons of the PCA was that the necessary care with which parent animals are selected according to their characteristics and their DNA was not enough.

The PCA also expected resistance from those who would not recognise the Pomsky as a pedigree dog due to its hybrid origin. Despite all foreseeable adversities, the Pomsky Club of America was founded after the first litters.

The aim of the PCA is to bind breeders to a high breeding standard and to give buyers the chance to buy a “good” Pomsky: DNA-verified and according to the highest standards in dog keeping and puppy breeding. For this, records and stud books are kept and maintained and the standard of the Pomsky is further promoted.

You can find the most beautiful pictures of cute pomsky puppies in our gallery.

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Fédération Cynologique Internationale (FCI)

Quote from the website of the Fédération Cynologique Internationale, Stand 26.09.2019, 17:49h MEZ

“The Fédération Cynologique Internationale is the World Canine Organisation. It includes 98 members and contract partners (one member per country) that each issue their own pedigrees and train their own judges.

The FCI has three sections: Europe – The Americas & Caribbean – Asia, Africa & Oceania

The FCI makes sure that the pedigrees and judges are mutually recognised by all the FCI members.

The FCI recognises 349 breeds. Each of them is the ‘property’ of a specific country. The ‘owner’ countries of the breeds write the standard of these breeds (detailed description of the ideal type of the breed), in co-operation with the Standards and Scientific Commissions of the FCI. The translation, updating and publication  of the standards are carried out by the FCI. These standards are THE reference for the judges at shows held in the FCI member countries, but also for the breeders in their attempt to produce top-quality dogs.

Every member country conducts international conformation shows as well as working/hunting trials and tests, Agility and Obedience competitions, races, coursing, herding trials. Results are sent to the FCI office where they are processed and homologated. When a dog has been awarded a certain number of awards, it is eligible  for the title of International Beauty, Show, Working, Beauty and Working, Agility, Obedience, Race, Beauty and Performance or Herding Champion. These titles are homologated by the FCI.

In addition every breeder can ask for international registration of his/her kennel name via his/her national canine organisation.”