Pomsky food: Which dog food does the Mini-Husky eat

Dog food is a subject where minds can clash. Depending on the level of information, personal preferences and yes, even financial situation, opinions differ widely.

We do not want to lecture here, but only to inform you about the different types of food. The contents to

  • Dried fodder
  • Wet feed
  • BARF
  • treats

will follow shortly, until then you are welcome to stock up in one of the leading shops for pet supplies.

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Food off the table for the Pomsky?

Most people will say: Food from the table has no place in a dog! But we all know that one cannot always resist the faithful dog’s eyes. Therefore, at this point a request: If you feed your Pomsky with “human food”, then only in very small quantities. Because of the spices it does not do his stomach any good. Think of it as fast food for the dog and observe his physical reaction like something the bowel movement.


Toxic food: Your Pomsky must not eat this

  • Chicken bones: they splinter when biting and cause severe injuries in the mouth, throat, stomach, intestines and also during defecation. Often dogs bleed to death internally after eating chicken bones.
  • Cooked bones: Raw bones are fine, but cooked bones splinter very easily. The effects are the same as with chicken bones.
  • Chocolate and cocoa: Attention: Highly toxic for your Pomsky!
  • Alcohol: Even in small quantities quickly leads to poisoning.
  • Avocados: contain the active ingredient persine, which can lead to heart failure.
  • Raisins and grapes: The ingredients can cause kidney failure. Since the Pomsky is a small dog, even small amounts are lethal.
  • Garlic & Onions: The sulphides contained in these products lead to anaemia.
  • Fruit stones: Fruit stones are dangerous in several ways. Your pomsky can choke, they can clog the bowel and cause injury to the anus during bowel movement. They also contain cyanide, which is converted to prussic acid in the body and is fatal.
  • Raw pulses: contain phasin. This clumps the red blood cells and can be fatal.
  • Raw pork (including wild boar): Raw pork may contain Aujeszky’s disease virus, which can cause inflammation of the nerves and brain in dogs.
  • Nightshade plants such as tomatoes, raw potatoes, aubergines – contain solanine and lead to vomiting and diarrhoea.