Pomsky prices – How cheap is too cheap?

A Pomsky puppy is cute and often the money is not so easy. A cheap puppy comes just in time. But how much does a good Pomsky cost? And how cheap is too cheap?

Pomsky breeding is still in its infancy. There are few “pure” Pomskys and accordingly even less suitable breeding animals. In order to lead a breeding serious and “humane”, breeders have to invest a lot of time and money. Breeding animals are partly bought from abroad, a transfer from the USA or Canada is not uncommon. In addition there are costs for medical examinations. It will take many more generations of Pomsky puppies until the prices have been established and exact details can be given. But already now applies: Eyes open with the Pomsky purchase! Because a good offer can quickly turn out to be a trap.

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What does a Pomsky cost?

A serious Pomsky breed makes many demands on itself. Unfortunately, the Pomsky is not yet a recognized dog breed, so the current breeds are not yet certified. Nevertheless, there are breeders who take care of their dogs and give their puppies all the care that a certified breed has to offer. The high cost of the Pomsky puppy will rise quickly.

This includes the following factors:

Examination of the parents

The parents are examined for hereditary diseases. For this purpose, damage to joints and bones is excluded and genetic tests are also carried out. Only healthy parents are used for breeding.


Ultrasound of the pregnant mother

The dam and puppies are already examined before the birth.


Papers of the Pomsky

A pedigree is issued, vaccination cards must be filled out. Of course the given data must be true. Ask a lot of questions, the breeder will give information. He must also be able to show the papers of the parent animals on request. If there are doubts about the correctness of the papers, another breeder is probably the better choice. Even if the selected puppy is cuddly sweet.


Medical care of the puppies

Vaccinations, deworming, standard examinations of puppies and parent animals. Some breeders even have the puppies tested again via genetic testing before they are given away.


Good dog food

A serious breeder doesn’t feed Frolic. He provides his dogs with the best food, most even feed BARF (fresh meat).

Further training in animal psychology, dog education, and much more are also among the things that make breeding more serious and therefore more expensive.

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That costs a Pomsky

The usual price for a Pomsky is currently at least 1800 pounds (nearly 2200 US-Dollar). Depending on the origin of the animals, prices up to 3500 pounds (nearly 4500 US-Dollar) are possible. That sounds enormous, but with such a young breed with only a few breeders it will still take years until serious bred puppies are cheaper to have. If one considers how much effort is behind it, it becomes clear that a cheap Pomsky has saved somewhere. Most of the time it is the medical care and the preparation of the papers at the so-called multiplier schludern in order to save costs.

You can find the most beautiful pictures of cute pomsky puppies in our gallery.

>> Show the Pomsky puppies gallery <<

What speaks against a cheap Pomsky puppy?

Cheap puppies are often offered by dubious breeders via internet portals or in the daily press. The pictures are sweet and the prices affordable. However, the conditions in which cheap puppies grow up are often catastrophic. Some of the puppies grow up without their parents and are separated from their mother much too early. They are not socialized and are not used to a normal dog life, such as going for a walk or dealing with other dogs and humans. In addition, you cannot be sure that the papers supplied are correct and that the Pomsky puppy you have chosen is not suffering from a disease.

Cheap puppies often generate enormous costs for the medical care of diseases later on. Therefore, do not buy Pomsky puppies quickly and without getting to know the breed. Animals on parking lots, sold from trunks, are mostly not medically cared for.