Pomsky from the angel’s gate

The breed Pomsky from the angel’s gate (in german: “Pomsky von der Engelspforte”) is located in Bielefeld, Germany. The breeders select the parent animals according to specific characteristics and have them examined for hereditary diseases.

Pomsky von der Engelspforte breeds in the F4 generation and thus contributes to the consolidation of the breed standard.


Information on “Pomsky von der Engelspforte”

The breeder of Pomsky von der Engelspforte, Sylwia Engelmann, has shown that even obstacles cannot stop the love for Pomsky: She overcame her dog allergy with a desensitization. If that is not devotion 🙂

Location of the kennel

  • 33649 Bielefeld
  • Germany (DE)

Contact details

  • website: http://www.vonderengelspforte.de/
  • Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/pomsky_von_der_engelspforte/?hl=de
  • YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKgMs4zT3zv00lePAgTZasw

A description of the breeders about their breeding “Pomsky von der Engelspforte

“A small, family hobby breeding with heart and mind. Careful to build the generations from F1 to F4 to a stable Pomsky. The goal is a small family dog. A Pomsky around 4-6 kg in all colour variations. The optics, the nature as well as the health. A loving upbringing and stamping is in the foreground.

No more like two litters per year.

The Engelspforte is a club breeding. The puppies have a recognized pedigree, DNA proof. The parents are approved for breeding, examined for HD, ED OCD, PL, PRA and heart.

Since 2015 the Engelspforte has been dedicated to the Pomsky, as well as to a consultation about the breed.”

Many thanks for this little insight to Sylwia Engelmann 🙂

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