Pomsky breeder “King of Toy” (GER)

The Pomsky cattery “King of Toy” is located in Memmingen, Bavaria. The breeder attaches importance to healthy animals and has her breeding animals tested accordingly. With a Mini-Husky breeding girl you can expect especially small but smart Pomskys.

Information about the Pomsky breeding “King of Toy”

Location of the breeding

  • 87700 Memmingen
  • Deutschland (GER)


Contact details

  • Instagram: pomsky2020
  • Email: chih@gmx.net

The Pomsky breed “King of Toy” breeds the popular Pomeranian Husky with much love and understanding!

All dogs of the Pomsky-breeding are examined for

  • HD
  • ED
  • OCD
  • PL
  • PRA genetic test
  • heart and lung disease!

You can find the most beautiful pictures of cute pomsky puppies in our gallery.

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The breeding she-dog of “King of Toy” is a Mini-Husky girl of the eighth generation with a beautiful mask and bright blue eyes. Mini-Huskys are bred to very small body size, so you can expect Pomskiey with small body size also in the puppies. The stud dogs are selected according to special criteria, one of them is blue eyes, which should be inherited by the puppies.

The breeding goal of the Pomskiey breed “King of Toy” is to breed healthy, robust, small and strong family dogs with the appearance of a husky with blue eyes! The breeder of King of Toy is planning for her breeding with one or two litters per year.

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