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May 1, 2020

Are you interested in a Pomsky and looking for a breeder? Then this is the right place for you.


Where can I find a breeder?

Most Pomsky breeders are in the USA and Canada. In Europe the Pomerian Husky is still a new breed. Accordingly few breeders exist in Europe and Germany. Even fewer of them have an official approval. This is because no breed standard has yet been defined and no breeding association in Germany has yet included the Pomsky in its guidelines. However, there are already breeders who are trying to gain recognition for the new hybrid breed. They pay attention to the health of their breeding animals and only let the puppies move out vaccinated and chipped.

In the USA the characteristics of the Pomsky were already defined more exactly and an association was created, which specifies the breeding goals and promotes officially.

How far has Pomsky breeding progressed?

Most Pomsky puppies in Germany still come from the first and second generation. As a result, the physical characteristics are not stable and there can be strong fluctuations in appearance – even within a litter. Often it is the size that does not correspond to the “Pomsky scale”. Likewise, the condition of the fur and the character can vary strongly. However, some breeders in Germany have already reached the third (F3) and fourth (F4) generation and can influence size and appearance through targeted mating.

On this page we would like to provide you with a list of Pomsky breeders. The list is still quite short, but will be completed. If you know a breeder who is not listed on Pomski.de yet, please feel free to leave us a message. A comment function will be added shortly.

List of Pomsky breeders

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Pomsky breeders in Great Britain, Europe and the world

Under The Sea Pomskies (US)

Under The Sea Pomskies have been breeding Huskies in Southern California since 2013, since 2019 they have expanded their breeding to include the Pomsky. The breed is recognized by the POA (Pomsky Owners Association) and the IPA (International Pomsky Association).

Under The Sea Pomskies specializes in woolly fur pomskies. Their puppies are very well socialized and tested in practice by children extensively. The Pomsky puppies are sold internationally and shipped if required.

Website: https://www.undertheseapomskies.com/

Meraki Moon Pomskies (US)

Meraki Moon Pomskies is a small hobby breed with 3 to 5 litters per year. The breeding exists since 2015 and is specialized in the color layer genetics. The breeders in the beautiful Lebanon, Oregon rely on a breeding without kennel and provide their dogs with a complete field to romp in.

Website: https://www.merakimoonpomskies.com/

Ocean View Pomskies

Ocean View Pomskies is home to some of the best Pomsky puppies in the Pacific Northwest. The breeders strive to produce high quality Pomsky puppies with beauty and intellect. They breed the perfect miniature Husky in temperament and health.

Ocean View Pomskies is located in the small town of North Bend, Oregon. The breed is IPA and POA certified and a founding member of the PBA. The dogs are family members and live with the family in the house.

Website: https://oceanviewpomskies.strikingly.com/

Pomsky Notherns (US)

In Utah, USA, the Pomsky breed “Pomsky Nothern” is found. As pioneers of Pomsky breeding, Pomsky Nothern have been involved in the targeted breeding and improvement of Pomsky traits since 2012. They strive for a “Real Pomsky”.

Website: https://www.northerns.org/

Song of Blue Eyes (CA)

In the idyllic town Edmonton in the region Alberta, Canada you can find the Pomsky breed “Song of Blue Eyes“. The breeders participate in an international breeding program for the creation of a Pomsky standard by the International Pomsky Association. The aim of breeding is to create a breed of healthy, intelligent, obedient companions that look like blue-eyed huskies but are smaller in size.

Website: https://pomskyminihusky.com/
Contact: song.of.blue.eyes@protonmail.com

You can find the most beautiful pictures of cute pomsky puppies in our gallery.

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Pomskies of Dragon Rock Valley (GER)

The puppies of the Pomskies of Dragon Rock Valley come from near Bonn, Germany. The two bitches are Athena and Maple, the first litter is planned for spring 2020.

During a health check the dams will be tested for PL, HD, eyes, heart and lungs. The puppies are already F4 and will be chipped, vaccinated and have a pedigree to their new home.

The breeder can be reached by email at Marianne.Esser @ gmx.de.

Pomsky with Passion (DE)

Pomsky with Passion is a hobby breed from Munich. The two dog ladies Jenna and Joy form the basis of the small breed and will delight their can openers in autumn 2019 with the first litter.
The puppies will be completely vaccinated and chipped and will be allowed to move into their new home with a small starter package.

More information can be found at https://www.pomskywithpassion.de/

Pomsky von der Engelspforte (DE)

The breed “Pomsky von der Engelspforte” is located in Steinhagen, Germany. The breeders select the parents according to certain characteristics and have them examined for hereditary diseases during a health screening. Pomsky von der Engelspforte already breeds with a Pomsky bitch from the self-bred F2 generation. Future puppies will thus belong to the F3.

More information is available at https://www.vonderengelspforte.de/

Aslie Pomsky Family (NL)

The Aslie Pomsky Family is located in the Dutch province of Noord-Brabant. In the small hobby breed in the small town of Rijkevoort, the parents and puppies live directly in the house and are part of the family life. All dogs are tested for common diseases.

The breeder regularly attends courses with her dogs and has completed the basic course “Breeding and keeping dogs” (BFH).

Contact: asliepomskyfamily@gmail.com

You can find the most beautiful pictures of cute pomsky puppies in our gallery.

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Brave Pomskies (ES)

The Pomsky breed Brave Pomskies is a small family business in Valladolid, Spain.

Kontakt: bravepomksys@gmail.com

PomSky de la Ponettoile (CH)

Pomsky de la Ponettoile is a small family breed from Switzerland. They plan two litters per year in the generations F2 and F3. Pomsky de la Ponettoile tests the stud dogs for hyftdysplasia and genetic diseases. The selection criterion for the parents of the Pomsky breed is the Husky-like appearance and a tolerable character.

The puppies grow up with both parents in the family of their breeders and have additional contact to cats and horses. The breeders use the TTouch method and support their dogs with clicker training.

“I wish that you love them as much as we do!”

Contact to “Pomsky de la Ponettoile”


  • https://www.instagram.com/pomsky_suisse/
  • https://www.ttouch-the-world.com/pomsky-suisse/


A Passion 4 Pomskys

Unfortunately there is no public information available on the net about the breed A Passion 4 Pomskys. You can reach the breeders by email.

Kontakt: apassion4pomskys@gmail.com

You can find the most beautiful pictures of cute pomsky puppies in our gallery.

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